Botox Alternative

Botox is a widely used component in cosmetic procedures: it fills wrinkles and helps to restore youthful look of the face. This ingredient is of natural origin, so it can even be used by ladies with sensitive skin and allergies. However, each coin has a flip side – botox is not devoid of disadvantages, too. First, all effects disappear once you stop making injections. Some women even claim their skin gets worse. Secondly, the mimics and motion of facial muscles are restricted because botox relaxes them and blocks facial expressions. Third, cosmetologists raise concerns about the safety of this component and don’t recommend such skin rejuvenation option for pregnant and young women.

What’s the way out then?

Luckily, you can find a safe botox alternative – there are many variants available. 100% natural ones include:

  • RF lifting. The most commonly used device is Revita-Shape: it boosts the production of collagen and elastin fibers with radio frequency energy. The fibers are heated and shortened, as a result of which the skin naturally tightens, wrinkles are reduced, and tone is restored. And the most important thing in this method is that the effect of the procedures lasts after the procedure. Radio wave activate the self-regeneration of skin cells, they “remember” this condition and continue to function in the same rhythm. Recommended course lasts 6 procedures and longer.
  • Sculptural face massage. This botox alternative is based on the physical influence.  In this case, not only classical massage techniques support and complement the effect of cosmetic procedures. There’s a myriad of author techniques, for example, sculpted deep-tissue buccal or myofascial massage which really work: they improve the deep muscles of the face, increase their tonus and ensure high-quality lifting. For a stable result, you need to make at least 6 sessions of the massage. Facial massage stimulates blood circulation and increases muscle tone, due to which the cells of the skin are renewed, the complexion improves, and the skin turgor tightens.
  • Cleaning & peeling. A good peeling can solve several problems at once: a dull complexion and oily sheen appearing on the skin, black spots and small wrinkles. There are two types of effective procedures: mechanical peeling, when dead skin cells are exfoliated with scrubbing particles as part of special cosmetics, and chemical, when the upper layer of the skin is removed with acids

What is the best botox alternative? Each of these options is useful, but not as efficient and mesotherapy. Let’s find out how you can restore a youthful look of your face and make it healthier.

What is Active Beauty anti-wrinkle solution?

Imagine you had the possibility to perform mesotherapy at home. Sounds great, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what Active Beauty set offers! It consists of the Airbrush (compact salon device) and ampules. In some 30 minutes, you can perform a top-notch antiaging procedure and enjoy the following effects:

  • Considerable reduction of wrinkles. The solution suppresses muscle nerves and relaxes muscles.
  • Moisturizing thanks to hydrafacial components and vitamins – it’s boosted by anti-UV protection.
  • Improvement of texture. The cell growth is accelerated, the skin starts producing its own collagen and elastin.
  • Whitening and reduction of age spots. The peptides suppress pigmentation, removes the traces of burns and scars.

Discover the benefits of the advanced mesotherapy device and one of the best facial treatment products on the market. Active Beauty is a great natural alternative to botox that has absolutely no contraindications!